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Ex-boyfriend kicked in the door of girl's apartment

A YOUNG man who kicked his ex-partner's front door in after she refused him entry has been put on a two-year probation bond.

Brian McDonagh (20) had been told he could not come into the apartment when he kicked down the door, went in and had an argument with his former partner.

McDonagh, of Carton Terrace, Poppintree, Ballymun, was placed on the bond after he admitted a charge arising from the incident, which happened in north Dublin.

He pleaded guilty to trespassing at Carrington Park, Northwood, in Santry, on August 5, 2012.


Dublin District Court heard McDonagh called to the home of his former partner and asked for access into the apartment.

There was a protection order in place at the time but no barring order.

When his ex-partner refused to let him in, he kicked down the door and entered the apartment, where an argument ensued.

Defence barrister Diana Stuart said McDonagh was in custody and abiding by sentencing conditions that were imposed.

Before McDonagh went into custody, he had been with a training and employment project and hoped to return to that on release.


He also intended taking up an anger management course on release.

"It was a very serious matter," Judge Catherine Murphy said. "One has to think of the effect on his former partner."

McDonagh was not seeking to apportion blame but it was a situation where "both parties should be staying away from each other".

Putting him on the bond, Judge Murphy said that McDonagh would be obliged to co-operate with the probation service on release.

She said she would not extend his time in custody.