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Emergency crew found naked baby dying on table

A 999 crew spent 40 minutes trying to save the life of a baby boy in the back of an ambulance while he was being rushed to hospital, a murder trial has heard.

Emergency medical technician Ray Lacey said baby Ross Murphy was naked and lying covered with a blanket on acoffee table when he entered the sitting room.

The baby's mother Leona Murphy and her partner, Philip Doyle, were also in the room at the time.


Doyle (34) now stands accused of murdering his ex-fiancee's three-and-a-half-month old son.

The accused, with an address at Tinakilly, Aughrim, Co Wicklow, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Ross Murphy.

Mr Lacey told the jury at the Central Criminal Court he received a call on April 3, 2005 saying a baby was very unwell.

He said that he was told that the child was in possible cardiac arrest, which he said was very unusual for a child.

Mr Lacey said the baby was not moving or breathing and quite pale when the ambulance crew entered the house at Creagh Demesne in Gorey, Co Wexford.


He said he listened for the baby's heart and lungs, and immediately brought the child out to the ambulance to start resuscitation.

He said he and Dr Thomas Breslin, from whom the jury has already heard, performed CPR and heart massage on baby Ross for 40 minutes, the entire journey between the house in Gorey and Wexford General Hospital.

He then handed the child over to the doctors in Wexford Hospital.

Mr Lacey also said that at the time he did not notice any visible marks to the child's body or face.

Earlier, the jury heard from GP Dr Sandra Clare who saw Ross Murphy three times in early 2005.

Dr Clare said she first examined Ross on January 5 when he had a mild infection in the mouth. She saw him again on March 1 when he was diagnosed with a viral infection, or a common cold.

The court heard Ms Murphy visited Dr Clare for a third time on March 29, complaining that Ross had a cough which had persisted during the previous night.

Dr Clare said she gave Ross a full examination. She described the infant as a "very healthy, happy baby".

She said he was growing well, there were no marks on him and she had no concerns for him at that time.


A transcript of an audio recording of Ms Murphy's call to the emergency services asking for an ambulance was also read into court.

It is also expected that the jury will be played the voice recording today.

It is the prosecution case that the baby suffered a massive brain injury and had no vital signs when rushed to hospital on the evening of April 3, 2005.

The prosecution claims the child was in Doyle's care at home when he sustained the injuries, which they say are consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

The trial continues.