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'Dunne warned I'd never work in this town again'

A WOMAN being sued by a company controlled by developer Sean Dunne has told the High Court he warned her she would "never work in this town again" and he would put her "back on a bicycle".

Gina Farrell claimed Mr Dunne made the remarks after he went through messages on her phone during a meeting with him in April 2005 which she said she had been invited to in order to discuss cleaning service projects she was doing on behalf of his companies.

One of those, Hollybrook (Brighton Road) Management Co Ltd, is suing Ms Farrell, trading as Gina Farrell Cleaning Services alleging she overcharged Hollybrook for services provided between 2003 and 2006 at an apartment block at Brighton Road, Foxrock.

She denies the claim and says Mr Dunne has a vendetta against her.

On the 12th day of the case yesterday, Ms Justice Mary Laffoy rejected objections from Hollybrook's counsel about questions from Ms Farrell's counsel over alleged interference with her phone. These questions had no relevance to what was at issue in the case, Paul Burns argued.

The judge said Mr Dunne was a "main player" in the proceedings because one of his companies, registered in the Isle of Man, had underwritten what will be the "phenomenal" costs of this case.


Ms Farrell told the court that at the April 2005 meeting, Mr Dunne immediately started questioning her (Farrell) about when she had last spoken to Mr Dunne's wife Jennifer, from whom he had separated before later marrying Gayle Killilea.

Ms Farrell had provided a cleaning service for the then Dunne family home in Foxrock but at the April 2005 meeting, Mr Dunne told her she "could not work for Jennifer anymore because Gayle said women talk".

When Ms Farrell told him the last time he spoke to Jennifer was last year, he said he knew she (Farrell) had been speaking to her the previous week. He then demanded she give him her phone, Ms Farrell said, which she did.

"He questioned me over a lot of things on my phone and he said you and I are going to part company," she said.

Ms Farrell said he then told her: "You will never work again in this town and I will put you back on a bicycle.

"Power and money is what I have and I will put you back on a bicycle".

She said she told him he could not tell her who she could speak to and there followed a very heated conversation before she got up from her seat and told him "eating bread is soon forgotten" and left.

Subsequently, she said she found out Mr Dunne had been through her voice messages "while I was having a cup of tea" because the questions he had asked her could only have come from having heard those messages.

The hearing continues.