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Drunken tool thief is jailed

A FATHER of two who stole a worker's tools from a car said that he was so drunk that he did not remember doing it.

Richard Larkin (23) was caught after gardai found his fingerprints on the car.

A judge sentenced Larkin to three months in prison.

The defendant, of Kilcronan Avenue in Clondalkin, admitted before Blanchard-stown District Court to causing €200 worth of damage to a driver's door of a red Fiat Punto after he bent it back.

He also admitted to stealing a CD player, drill, spirit level and skill saw, worth €600, in the incident at Rosebank apartments, Ninthlock Road, Clondalkin on June 7, 2009.

Caretaker dies in trash crusher

A CARETAKER was crushed to death after falling in a rubbish compactor at a Niagara Falls hotel.

John Adams (67) was missing for three weeks before authorities studied CCTV films and realised what had happened.

He was last seen emptying the rubbish at the One Niagara building, which has a welcome centre for visitors to the falls. Relatives are angry that the films were not reviewed earlier.

Indians protest at water plant

About 300 Amazon Indians prevented builders from entering or leaving the site of a hydroelectric plant that protesters say is on an ancient burial ground.

Indians from eight tribes are demanding compensation for losses caused by the Dardanelos plant in Aripuan, Brazil. "They want a sustainable programme in the region to make up for their losses in this archaeological site," a spokesman said.

Sex blackmail for green card

AN immigration official has been jailed for 18 months for threatening to block a woman's citizenship application unless she gave in to his sexual demands.

Isaac Baichu of the Bronx pleaded guilty in April to coercion, sexual misconduct and accepting a bribe.

His victim was a Colombian woman who had applied for a green card.

Prosecutors said the woman was so terrified she eventually gave in, but she secretly recorded the encounter and told a paper.