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Drunken mechanic grabbed garda by throat and headbutted another

A MECHANIC headbutted a garda sergeant and grabbed another officer by the throat in a drunken attack near his home.

PAUL Rooney Jnr (28) struck the officers when he went "out of control" during a late-night domestic dispute.

Dublin District Court heard he was drunk on beer and Red Bull and vodkas at the time.

Judge Catherine Murphy found him guilty, but said a head injury his father had sustained from a garda baton blow on the night had contributed in exacerbating the incident.

She said some garda evidence had been "distorted" by officers, minimising the injury to Paul Rooney Snr.

The judge also voiced her concern at the growing levels of street violence involving the consumption of a mixture of Red Bull and vodka.

Rooney Jnr, of Bargy Road, East Wall, was found guilty of assaulting Sgt Karl Mackle and Garda Shane Redmond, as well as connected charges of breach of the peace and public intoxication at the junction of Caledon Road and East Road at 3.20am on June 26, 2010

The case against him was adjourned for a pre-sentence probation report.


The judge dismissed an obstruction charge against his father, Paul Rooney Snr, and public order charges against his friend, Barry Ronan. All three had pleaded not guilty.

During the course of the non-jury trial, the court was told officers had gone to a reported domestic incident after Rooney Jnr kicked a door off its hinges and smashed a front window at the house he shared with his girlfriend.

The court heard gardai arrived at the scene after Rooney Jnr had walked away with his father.

The prosecution has alleged that Rooney Jnr became verbally abusive, then resisted arrest and struck and held on to Garda Redmond before headbutting Sgt Mackle in the face.

During the incident, Mr Rooney Snr was struck with a baton and lay unconscious on the ground, bleeding heavily from a head wound.

Judge Murphy said Mr Rooney Snr and Mr Ronan had both been "very convincing witnesses" but was satisfied, that Rooney Jnr was guilty.