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Drunk went to toilet in front of the Dail

A MAN seen defecating in front of Leinster House in full view of a garda who had confronted him for being drunk in public has been convicted of causing a breach of the peace.

Denis Craddock was fined for the bizarre episode, as well as a series of other public order offences after his lawyer told a court it would do no good to send him to jail.

Craddock, with an address at Sundial House, James's Street had amassed 67 public order convictions before his latest appearance before Dublin District Court. He pleaded guilty to charges of public intoxication and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

The court heard a garda on duty at Molesworth Street on March 27 approached Craddock when he noticed he was in a drunken state. The accused became very aggressive and defecated on the street, a garda witness said.

Evidence was then given of separate public order incidents. On May 13 at 9.15pm, he was found "completely intoxicated" and unable to stand or walk on a Dublin bus.

At McDonald's on Grafton Street, on March 29, gardai were called and arrived at the scene to find Craddock roaring abuse at people in the restaurant.

Before that, on March 10, gardai were called to Dublin Airport, where a drunken Craddock verbally abused them.

He also admitted three counts of failing to appear in court.

Craddock had a serious drink problem and usually kept to himself, his lawyer said.

Judge O'Donnell fined him a total of €550, including €200 for the Leinster House incident.