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Drunk St Patrick's Day teen was aggressive to gardai


Jordan Joyce was ‘aggressive and violent’ on St Patrick’s Day

Jordan Joyce was ‘aggressive and violent’ on St Patrick’s Day

Jordan Joyce was ‘aggressive and violent’ on St Patrick’s Day

A teenage St Patrick's Day reveller who was found by gardai collapsed on the ground before he became violent towards them had his case further adjourned for him to engage with the Restorative Justice Programme.

Jordan Joyce (19) was ordered to attend Restorative Justice Services, but at a sitting of Swords District Court it became apparent he had not.

His solicitor, Fiona D'Arcy, said he had thought he had already attended all the meetings he was supposed to.

"He should have rescheduled the meeting," said Ms D'Arcy, adding that Joyce has not come to garda attention since and has "turned his life around completely".

On St Patrick's Day, Joyce became aggressive and violent and ripped one garda's epaul- ette when he got to his feet, Swords District Court heard.

He was with a large group of youths who were draped in tricolours and carrying bags of alcohol in Rivervalley Park in Swords.


Gardai were on bicycle patrol when they came across the youths, who ran off and left Joyce in a collapsed state on the ground due to intoxication.

His violent behaviour continued in the garda station. The court heard he apologised to the gardai the following week. He has no previous convictions.

Joyce, of St Cronan's Close, Swords, pleaded guilty to the offences.

Ms D'Arcy previously told Swords District Court that the teenager suffers from anxiety and depression and was drinking heavily at the time.

"He is now getting counselling and has stopped drinking," she said.

Joyce undertook to attend all appointments with the Probation Services and the Restorative Justice Services, but Judge Dermot Dempsey warned him that if he is in breach of this he can be held in contempt of court and could face up to three months in prison.

He remanded the case to December 12.