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Drunk ran onto street with knives to get gang

A COMPUTER programmer who ran out of his mother's house armed with two knives and chased off youths who were dancing on the bonnet of her car has been given a three-month suspended sentence.

Paul McCormack (23) drunkenly decided to take matters into his own hands after the side mirror on his mother's car was knocked off by the gang.

Blanchardstown District Court heard he came out of the house shouting at the youths, chasing after them with two 12-inch kitchen knives in his pocket.

Judge David McHugh suspended the sentence for three months after hearing that McCormack had since attended a therapist for "alcohol and anger issues".

McCormack, of Beatty Grove, Celbridge, Co Kildare, admitted a charge of unlawful possession of two large kitchen knives.

The court heard the incident happened at the family home at Ashgrove, also Celbridge, shortly before 4.30am last September 22.

McCormack was in his bedroom when he heard a commotion outside, and when he looked out he saw a number of youths on the bonnet of the car.


The court heard there were 12 or 13 youths, and they had knocked the side mirror off the car.

The defendant decided to take matters into his own hands, and he armed himself with two kitchen knives which he put in the pocket of his hoodie before running outside.

The court heard that McCormack, a computer programmer, started shouting at the youths and followed them across the green area from the house.

They ran away and gardai were called to the scene, where they spoke to McCormack.

The accused produced the two knives from his hoodie pocket when requested. The court heard he has five previous convictions.

Defence barrister Jennifer Jackson said McCormack had been out with friends at a nightclub and had come home shortly before the incident.

McCormack also accepted his behaviour was foolish, but the court heard that he had been drinking.

Judge McHugh had initially ordered a community service suitability report.

Ms Jackson said this was favourable, but the judge instead decided to impose a suspended sentence.

He said that McCormack had "over-reacted" on the night in question.