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Drunk ran off with garda handcuffs

A MAN who dropped his trousers and underwear when gardai stopped him for being drunk, then stole their handcuffs and ran off, has been jailed for six months.

David Rodgers (26) had been handcuffed at the scene of the incident when he ran off into his own home.

Judge David McHugh sentenced him after hearing he had 44 previous convictions. Rodgers, of Elmdale Park, Ballyfermot, pleaded guilty to theft and breach of the peace in the incident near his home on September 20, 2008.

Charges of obstructing a drug search and indecency were struck out.

Garda Cormac McGuinness told Dublin District Court he was on duty at Elmdale Park at 1.45pm when he came across the Rodgers in a very drunken state.


When approached, Rodgers became aggressive and verbally abusive and made threats. He then pulled his trousers and boxer shorts to his ankles and refused to pull them back up.

The garda was forced to pull them back up himself.

When arrested, he made off with the handcuffs, worth €90, and escaped into his house, the garda said.

"The handcuffs were never recovered," he added.

"He was intoxicated at the time and can't really remember much about the incident," Rodgers' lawyer said.

The judge imposed the sentence on the theft charge and took the public order offence into consideration.