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Drunk must pay €200 over garda abuse


Judge's gavel

Judge's gavel

Judge's gavel

A young man who was drunk and started to kick rubbish bins in the early hours of the morning before telling garda to "f**k off" is to avoid a conviction if he makes a charitable donation.

Edgars Kviotkouskis (27) was told by Judge Patricia McNamara that although she will leave him without a conviction if he makes the donation, a court can be made aware he is to be given the benefit of the Probation Act.

Kviotkouskis, of Holywell Villas in Swords, pleaded guilty at Swords District Court to being intoxicated and using threatening and abusive behaviour on September 9, 2014 on Dublin Road in Swords.

Garda Laura Mahon gave evidence she came across Kviotkouskis at 2.46am and he was aggressive, kicking bins.

"He then told me to 'f**k off'," said Gda Mahon. She said the defendant has no previous convictions.

Gda Mahon agreed with defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy that Kviotkouskis had apologised when he sobered up.

"It was almost a year ago and he had too much to drink on the night and he hasn't come to garda attention since," said Ms D'Arcy.

She said Kviotkouskis is eager to avoid a conviction and is in a position to make a charitable donation.

Judge McNamara ordered that if Kviotkouskis pays €200 to Temple Street Children's Hospital by September she will apply the Probation Act.