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Drunk mother threw food at her friend in shop and stole bread


Diana Ward suffers from cirrhosis of the liver

Diana Ward suffers from cirrhosis of the liver

Diana Ward suffers from cirrhosis of the liver

A woman who got into an early-morning food fight with another woman in a shop was drunk at the time, a court heard.

Diana Ward (33) and her friend were "messing" and they began throwing food and other grocery items around the shop.

She also took a loaf of bread as she was leaving the store.

A court heard Ward has a serious drink problem and doctors have warned her about "what will happen if she doesn't stop drinking".

Judge David McHugh imposed a six-month sentence but suspended it for two years.

Ward admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to public drunkenness, threatening and abusive behaviour and failing to follow garda directions.

The incident took place at Fonthill Retail Park in Clondalkin on April 21 last year.

Ward also admitted to obstructing Sgt Martin Geraghty in the same incident.

Sgt Mary Doherty said Ward and another woman went in to Londis before 9am and started throwing food and other items around.


Sgt Doherty said Ward, who was intoxicated, was behaving in an unruly manner and she was asked to leave by staff.

She also took a loaf of bread on her way out.

Sgt Doherty said the defendant also tried to take the other woman out of a patrol car after gardai had arrested her.

Ward further admitted to handling a stolen sports bag containing clothes, presents and toiletries worth €500 at Bothar Na Life in Clondalkin on June 11.

Sgt Doherty said the bag had been stolen from a French tourist a short time earlier.

The court heard that Ward, of Shancastle Drive, Clondalkin, has 16 previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Terence Hanahoe said the defendant, a mother-of-three, has a chronic alcohol problem and has cirrhosis of the liver.

Mr Hanahoe said the def-endant's mother was there to support her, and she was willing to take her home.

Judge McHugh said Ward had shown "absolute thuggery" on a number of occasions, but he was giving her a chance because her mother was in court for her.