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Drunk is jailed after failing to stump up for charity

A DRUNKEN man who hurled a tirade of abuse at gardai, calling them "f**king clowns" and "fat f**king retards" has been sentenced to four months in prison after he couldn't raise the money to make a donation to a garda charity.

Frederick McGoldrick (24) was also alleged to have tried to headbutt an officer when he was taken back to the station, an accusation he strongly denied, but he admitted he was "stupid and drunk".

A court heard it took four gardai to restrain McGoldrick, who was still shouting "scumbags, w**kers and faggots" at gardai as he was taken to a cell.

The matter was before the court for sentencing, after a judge ordered the defendant to donate €1,250 to the garda benevolent fund.


Defence solicitor Kevin Tunney, said that McGoldrick, who works for an insulation company, fell off scaffolding three weeks ago and broke his arm.

Mr Tunney said the defendant did not have the money as he had been out of work and had used up his savings, as he had not been on social welfare.

Judge James McDonnell said McGoldrick volunteered to make the donation, and he must keep his commitments, or suffer the consequences.

The judge sentenced him to four months in prison.


The defendant, of The Park, Millbrook Lawns in Tallaght, previously admitted before Tallaght District Court to public drunkenness, threatening and abusive behaviour and failing to give his name and address to gardai.

Garda David O'Donoghue had said he was on mobile patrol near McDonald's on December 14 last when he came across McGoldrick who started verbally abusing gardai.

He was told to move on, and gardai saw him, and three others, a short while later heading over the bridge on to St Dominic's Road.

Gda O'Donoghue said McGoldrick turned to him and called him a "f**king w**ker", then a "fat f**king retard".

McGoldrick apologised for his "unparliamentary language" to the officers.