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Drunk found knocked out after trespassing in depot

A man who had no explanation why he was lying unconscious with a bump on his head in a Dublin City Council depot has been convicted of criminal trespass.

Youssif Bakry (27) was arrested when a frightened householder reported seeing him crouched down at her car in her front garden.

Dublin District Court heard he had been drinking on both occasions and had no explanation for his actions.

Judge Timothy Lucey convicted him and fined him a total of €150 for the offences, as well as another of count of failing to appear in court because he "forgot". Bakry, of Grosvenor Road, admitted the offences.


The court heard a Lennox Street resident reported seeing him in her garden at 3.20am on September 9, 2009, hiding behind her car. She was afraid he was either going to interfere with it or try to enter her house.

On September 12, 2010 gardai were called to the Dublin City Council Cleansing Department depot in Rathmines. The Fire Brigade was at the scene, tending to the accused who was lying unconscious on the ground with a bump on his head. He was intoxicated.

The court heard he had one previous conviction, for public drunkenness.

Bakry, a Sudanese national, had been living in Ireland for four years and had refugee status, his solicitor Michael O'Connor said.