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Drunk dad barred from city pubs for next six months


John Collins

John Collins

John Collins

A MAN who verbally abused gardai when they tried to break up a fight he was having with another man has been barred from every pub in Dublin for the next six months.

Judge Alan Mitchell heard that John Collins (23), who was drunk on the night, told gardai they were getting in the way of the fight.

Garda Keith Collins told Blanchardstown District Court that gardai were called because the defendant was fighting with another man.

When gardai tried to stop the fight, Collins started to use abusive language and called the gardai names.

He said Collins, who had no previous convictions, apologised to gardai afterwards.

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming said the separated father-of-two had now resolved the issues between him and the man he was fighting with. He added that drink was a factor on the night.

Collins - of Avilla Park in Finglas - pleaded guilty to being intoxicated and using threatening and abusive behaviour on March 8 at Cardiffsbridge, Finglas West. Judge Mitchell convicted and fined Collins €200 for using threatening and abusive behaviour and convicted and fined him a further €100 for being intoxicated.

The judge then placed Collins on an exclusion order under the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 2003, banning him for six months from entering any liquor-licensed premises within the Dublin area.

Mr Fleming asked Judge Mitchell to reverse the order, as it was Collins' first conviction.

Judge Mitchell drew attention to the fact that Collins did not plead guilty on the first occasion the case came before the court.

The judge added that Collins "behaved in that manner towards peace officers and wanted to progress his argument with the other individual", so he would not consider reversing his decision.