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Drunk barber standing in middle of road at 1am with two children


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A barber was found drunk and holding the hands of his two young children in the middle of a road in the early hours of the morning, a court heard.

The 43-year-old was shouting at motorists and trying to flag down a car to get home after he missed his bus stop.

Judge David McHugh ordered a pre-sentence probation report and adjourned the case to a date in November for finalisation.

The defendant, who cannot be named to protect his children, admitted being drunk in charge of a child when he appeared before Blanchardstown District Court.

The incident took place in Bawnogue Road, Clondalkin, last September 7.

Sergeant Geraldine McManigan told the court that gardai received numerous calls about a man who was in the middle of the road with two young children.

Sgt McManigan said the man was drunk and was shouting at cars and walking in between vehicles.

She said the defendant was holding hands with the children, who were aged five and eight.


The sergeant told the court that gardai pulled the man and the children to safety at the side of the road, and he was subsequently charged.

She said it was 1.10am when the incident happened.

The court heard the defendant had no previous convictions.

Defence solicitor John Wood said his client worked as a barber.

On this evening he had been working late and when he finished work his wife left the children with him.

Mr Wood told the court that the defendant was on the bus on his way home but he missed his stop because he was busy with the children.

The defendant and his two children got off at a later stop, the solicitor told the court.

Mr Wood said it was the "dead of night" and the defendant was trying to flag down a car to get back to near where he lived.

Judge McHugh ordered a pre-sentence probation report, saying he had "numerous concerns" about the matter.

The judge also said that he wanted to know if Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, had been involved with the defendant.