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Drummer held cannabis to clear debt with dealer

A DRUMMER in a band was forced to hold a quantity of cannabis resin in his house as part payment of a drugs debt he built up due to a heroin addiction, a court heard.

Mark Freer (34) later sold jewellery to pay off the debt, which still existed after gardai found the cannabis.

Tallaght District Court heard he was put under considerable pressure to hold the drugs, and he was genuinely in fear for his life.

Judge Anthony Halpin ordered a restorative justice service report and adjourned sentencing to a date in December.

Freer admitted to possession of cannabis resin on July 1 last year.

Garda Ruairi Meagher said he obtained a search warrant and searched Freer's home at Russell View in Tallaght.

During the course of the search, a quantity of cannabis resin was found. Garda Meagher said the cannabis had a street value of €1,250.

The court heard Freer has a number of previous convictions, but all for road traffic matters.


Defence lawyer James O'Brien said Freer had a serious heroin addiction and he got into significant debt with a drug dealer.

Mr O'Brien said Freer was put under considerable pressure and stress to hold the drugs to help repay the debt.

He said the Freer is now clean of all illegal substances. He is married with four children. Mr O'Brien said Freer also served in the Irish Army for five years.