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Drugs case dad had coke one day later

A RAILWAY technician was caught with cocaine on him a day after he was given a three-year suspended sentence for a drugs offence, a court heard.

Gerard Redmond (31) was found guilty of having a small bag of cocaine on him outside a nightclub after he had just avoided jail for allowing a premises to be used for drug dealing.

He denied the cocaine charge at Dublin District Court, insisting that the arresting garda was disappointed with the suspended sentence and "planted" the cocaine on him.

Judge Alan Mitchell rejected this and referred the case back to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, for consideration by the sentencing judge of activating the prison term.

Redmond, a father-of-four of Streamville Road, Kilbarrack had pleaded not guilty to possession of cocaine at Riverside Avenue, Coolock on March 16 last. He claimed he ran from gardai because he did not know who they were and he was in fear that he was being pursued for a drug debt.

Garda Ciaran Cummins told the court he was on duty in an unmarked patrol car at the car park at Dusk nightclub, Northside Shopping Centre at 3.10am.

Patrons were coming out and he noticed Redmond on his own.



The gardai approached and on hearing that they wanted to search him, he "took off on foot" towards the Riverside estate. They pursued him and the patrol car blocked him off but he ran down a side alley between two houses.

When Garda Cummins caught up with him, he could see the defendant had injured himself, with a large cut to his nose.

He had attempted to jump over a gate, but came down on top of a wheelie bin and "busted his nose".

The garda searched him and found a small bag of cocaine in one of his pockets.

The court heard that on the morning of the previous day, Redmond had been given a suspended sentence for allowing his premises to be used in a drugs offence.

Garda Cummins said he had not dealt with Redmond's original case, so had "very little feelings" about the outcome of his trial and he denied planting cocaine on him.

Judge Mitchell said the accused's story that it was a "stitch up" "lacked credibility".

He found him guilty and referred the case back to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.