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Drug-search duo face petrol bomb charges

These are the two men who were allegedly found with a bag of materials that could have been used to make petrol bombs, a court heard.

Colm Sheehy and Ian Quinn, both 28, were allegedly found with bottles of foreign beer, which had newspaper and a fluid substance stuffed inside them.

Gardai found the bottles during a routine drugs search. Officers said there was a strong smell of petrol from the men.

The men appeared before Tallaght District Court charged with possession of the items with the intention of using them, or permitting another person to use them, to cause criminal damage.

The alleged incident took place on Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght, on January 14 last.

Among the items the men allegedly had were a petrol canister, wooden handle hammer, red knife, blue-handled chisel, red screwdriver, black and yellow hammer and beer bottles containing a grainy substance.


Lawyers for the two men called for the charge to be struck out, saying it was "vague in the extreme" and there were no details on locations or victims in relation to the criminal damage, or what that damage might be.

Quinn's solicitor, Michael Hennessy, said the height of the garda's evidence, if proven, is that the men had a bag and were walking down a street carrying bottles of Polish beer and smelling of petrol.

Kevin Tunney, for Sheehy, said the charge was a "holding charge", which would not stand up before a judge and jury.

Garda Brendan Mynes told the court he was on patrol shortly after 11pm when he came across Sheehy, of Woodlands, Rathangan, Co Kildare, and Quinn, of Russell Court, Tallaght.

Garda Mynes said he initially searched the men for drugs, and during the course of the search he found a bag which contained a number of items, including hammers, a screwdriver and a petrol can.

Judge James McDonnell said it seemed legitimate for the matter to proceed. The case was adjourned for 10 weeks for the DPP's directions.