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Driving licence error results in five-year ban

A BANNED driver who failed to fully fill out the forms to reinstate his licence has been disqualified for five years after he was found driving without insurance.

Vincent Rooney (22) said he bought insurance as he thought he had served his driving ban, and could drive again, but he later discovered he was still banned as he didn't fill out all the forms properly.

A judge accepted his explanation for getting behind the wheel -- but fined him €1,500 and disqualified him for five years.

The defendant, of Baskin Cottages, Baskin Lane, Baskin, admitted before Swords District Court to driving without a driving licence or insurance.

The incident took place on Clonshaugh Road, Clonshaugh on April 4, 2009.

The court heard that Rooney has 23 previous convictions, and has convictions for driving without insurance and drunk driving.


Defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy said Rooney was banned from driving for two years in 2007. He served the disqualification and later he applied to reinstate his driving licence.

He filled out the forms, which were approved by gardai, but he never turned up in court to have his licence formally reinstated.

Ms D'Arcy said Rooney thought he could start driving again after gardai approved his application, and he didn't realise he had to go into court for a judge to approve it.

The court heard Rooney was a qualified plumber but was currently out of work. Ms D'Arcy said Rooney was the father of a seven-month-old daughter, and had given his car to his ex-girlfriend, and she now drove him to allow him see their child.

Judge Patrick Brady said he accepted that Rooney did try to get insurance, but he should not have got behind the wheel of his car as he was still disqualified at the time.

The judge fined him €1,500 and banned him for five years.