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Driver passed garda car in rain at 160kph

A MOTORIST who overtook an unmarked garda car at high speed during heavy rain was rushing to a hotel in Dublin after attending a wedding with his wife, a court heard.

Daryl Fahy (31) was travelling at between 160kph and 180kph in 100kph and 80kph zones on the N3 at Blanchardstown.

He begged a judge not to ban him from driving as he needs his licence for his job as a general manager in a construction company.

Judge David McHugh fined Fahy €250, but did not ban him.

Fahy, of Sailin, Wellpark, Galway city, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to two counts of careless driving.

Garda Sergeant Anthony Collins said he was on mobile patrol in an unmarked car on the N3 at Blanchardstown when a BMW 7 Series overtook his vehicle at high speed.

Sgt Collins said the weather on the night was very bad, there had been heavy rain and there was water on the road. He said Fahy also drove straight into a corner, moving from the inner to the outer lane on the dual carriageway and back into the inner lane again.

The court heard gardai activated their blue lights and sirens and Fahy immediately pulled in.

Sgt Collins said Fahy was disgusted by his driving. He also said the UK-registered car was seized and the defendant had to pay €20,000 to have it registered in the State.


Defence solicitor Matthew Kenny said Fahy and his wife were staying in a hotel in Dublin after attending a wedding.

He said the defendant works as a general manager for a successful company in Galway where he has 100 people working for him.

The solicitor asked Judge McHugh not to ban Fahy, saying he needs his licence for his job, as he has to travel within Ireland and the UK.