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Driver forced to flee from golf club attack

THIS is the middle-aged man who came running out of his house waving a golf club which he then used to smash all the windows of a young woman's car which was parked outside.

Kieran Wade (47) apologised for his behaviour, telling the judge: "I was drunk".

A court heard that the victim, who was sitting in the car with a friend, was covered with glass following the attack, and both of them suffered minor cuts.

Judge Patrick McMahon adjourned the matter for an estimate of the damage caused by Wade to the car.

The judge told Wade, who has no previous convictions, that if he pays for the damage he will deal with him leniently.

The defendant, of Mount Simon Green in Clonsilla, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to a charge of criminal damage.

The incident took place shortly before midnight on July 6 last.

Garda Sergeant Damien Galligan said the victim was dropping home a friend who lives across the road from Wade.


Sgt Galligan said the victim had parked outside Wade's house, she and her friend were talking, and the radio was on low.

The court heard that Wade came out of the house to complain about the noise, and the victim said she and her friend were just talking.

Sgt Galligan said Wade demanded that the pair move the car, and he then struck the side of it.

The victim immediately rang the gardai, and while she was on the phone to them Wade came back out of the house brandishing a golf club.

He then smashed in all of the windows in the car, as well as the wing mirrors.

Sgt Galligan said the victims suffered minor cuts but no injuries, and they managed to get away.

Wade, who was not legally represented for the court hearing, told Judge McMahon: "I was drunk".

Judge McMahon said it appeared as if the behaviour was out of character for Wade.

The matter was adjourned to a date in September so that gardai could get an estimate of the damage to the car, and Wade could bring the compensation to court.