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Driver denies 23 counts of stealing Dublin Bus fares


Declan McGurrell denies all 23 charges of stealing fares

Declan McGurrell denies all 23 charges of stealing fares

Declan McGurrell denies all 23 charges of stealing fares

A bus driver has been accused of stealing fares while working on three different routes in the capital.

Declan McGurrell (59) is facing multiple counts of theft along the 51d, 13 and 25 routes in 2015.

He denies all 23 cases alleged to have happened at different locations and the hearing at Dublin District Court was adjourned to a later date.

The 51d runs from Aston Quay in the city centre to Clondalkin. The 13 is between Harristown and Grange Castle and the 25 runs from Merrion Square to Lucan.

When the case came before Judge Kathryn Hutton, a lawyer for the defence said certain certificates had not been served by the prosecution as part of disclosure.

However, the defence was prepared to continue with the trial on the basis that they had supporting documents.

Counsel said the case had been set down a long time ago and they were ready to proceed.

A State solicitor asked the judge to adjourn, saying the certificates were a "big part of" the prosecution's case.

The court heard the trial would take one day and there would be prosecution witnesses from Dublin Bus, as well as CCTV evidence.

The defence was not yet in a position to say how many witnesses it would be calling.

Judge Hutton allowed a prosecution application to amend the charges to show the locations of the alleged offences.

The prosecution also wished to amend the value of the sums involved to show they were "approximate".

The defence had objected to the amendments, saying that this altered the charges "immeasurably".

Mr McGurrell's lawyer also argued that the change to the sums clouded the charges.


The State solicitor said the accused knew what the allegations were and had been served with a "vast amount of evidence".

"He can't say that he's been prejudiced in this regard, in terms of knowing the case he has to meet," she said.

Judge Hutton accepted Mr McGurrell was in no doubt about the charges he was facing.

She made the amendments and adjourned the hearing.