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Dentist employee forged sick notes for time off work


Samantha Croft

Samantha Croft

Samantha Croft

A dental clinic worker handed in forged sick certificates to her employer when doctors would not give them to her to get time off, a court heard.

Samantha Croft (28), who passed off three fake documents as genuine, said she had been suffering from depression and her GPs would not give her "what she wanted" to get sick leave.

Judge Bryan Smyth applied the Probation Act, sparing her a criminal record.

Croft, of St Berach's Place, Kilbarrack, pleaded guilty.

Dublin District Court heard it was reported to gardaí last March 15 that the accused had used three false sick notes at her former workplace at Northumberland Dental Care, Dublin 4.

The offences were committed between February 2019 and last March.

The doctors involved made statements of complaint after they were notified that their names had been used on the documents, which had been accepted as genuine.


Croft had submitted the certificates to her employers, saying she was sick and could not go to work.

She had no previous convictions and had given gardaí a voluntary statement.

The accused was a single parent and had a good work history, her lawyer said.

However, she "took advantage of her knowledge of the work she was doing".

The offences were not committed for any personal gain, but to get time off while she was "struggling."

Judge Smyth asked if the accused was "looking for extra days' holidays".

The defence lawyer said Croft had been suffering from depression and "wasn't getting what she wanted from the doctors she was seeing and went and took it into her own hands".

"I'm sorry," Croft told the judge. "What I did was wrong."

She was "throwing herself at the mercy of the court", her lawyer said.

Judge Smyth said he would give Croft a chance.