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Defendant sliced off man's ear and made him eat it, court told

THIS is the man accused of cutting off another man's ear with a steak knife and forced him to eat it.

Mark Whyte (25) is alleged to have repeatedly beat the man with a hammer in a sustained assault that lasted up to two hours.

A garda witness told Kilcock District Court that Whyte "tortured" the victim.

Judge Desmond Zaidan remanded Whyte in custody until today for contempt of court after the defendant said he was before a "kangaroo court".

Judge Zaidan said Whyte's behaviour was appalling and beneath contempt, and he wanted him to apologise to the court.

The judge said he will decide on bail in relation to the assault charge today.

The defendant, of Pairc Mhuire in Newbridge, Co Kildare, appeared before Kilcock court charged with seriously assaulting another man.

The alleged incident took place at Eyre Street in Newbridge between February 13 and February 14, 2011.

Garda Seamus Doyle said that when charged Whyte responded with "you're some retard". He also said to another garda "another bulls**t charge from handicapped gardai".

Garda Doyle objected to bail, saying he believed Whyte was a flight risk as he has been living outside the jurisdiction.

The garda also said he strongly believed Whyte may intimidate witnesses. When arrested, it is alleged that Whyte said "this won't get near a court, I'll make sure of it".

In relation to the allegation, Garda Doyle claimed that Whyte tied up the victim, cut his ear off with a steak knife and made him eat parts of it.

It is alleged that the man was repeatedly beat with a hammer, in an assault that lasted up to two hours.

At this, Whyte told the court the charge was "a load of bulls**t". Judge Zaidan said the defendant's verbal outbursts were unacceptable and he jailed him for four days for contempt of court. The judge adjourned the assault charge and was due to consider bail later today.