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Death threat driver gets five months

A DRIVER who told a garda he would "get a bullet in the head" has been sentenced to five months in prison.

James Walsh (27) made the threat after he crashed into traffic lights at a busy junction, having sped through a red light.

A court heard gardai did not take the defendant's first threat seriously, but they were worried for their safety when he repeated the threats a number of times.

Walsh, of Moorefield Close, Clondalkin, was found guilty before Blanchardstown District Court of making threats to kill Gda David Charles and Sgt James Cussen.

Gda Charles said he was about to turn right on to Fonthill Road shortly after 10pm last July 8 when a red BMW jumped a red light and collided with a Peugeot 407.

Gda Charles said the BMW bounced off the Peugeot, skidded along the ground and collided with a traffic light in the middle of the junction.

He said he thought someone had been killed, and went over to the BMW and spoke to Walsh and four passengers.


He was trying to get them on to the footpath to assess them for injuries when Walsh turned and threatened: "Get away from me or I'll kill you."

Gda Charles said Walsh then told Sgt Cussen: "I'll kill you too, you f***ing scumbag."

Both officers said they did not take much notice of Walsh's threats. But he then said: "I'll burn this BMW. It's not worth the sh*t on the road."

Gda Charles said that he asked Walsh for his name and address, but was told: "Get the f**k away from me, you scumbag, you'll get a bullet in the head, I swear it."

Sgt Cussen said they went to arrest Walsh, who threatened: "I'll have youse clipped, youse'll regret this."

Defence solicitor Matthew Kenny argued that even if Walsh made the threats, gardai did not take them seriously as they thought he was intoxicated.

But the officers said they took the threats seriously.

Imposing a five-month sentence, Judge David McHugh told the court he was satisfied the defendant intended gardai to believe the threats would be carried out.

Mr Kenny said Walsh is an unemployed forklift driver with two children. Walsh immediately appealed the conviction.