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Daughter of murdered gran guilty over role in 'ruse' to cover up death


Louise O'Connor was found guilty of impeding a prosecution

Louise O'Connor was found guilty of impeding a prosecution

Louise O'Connor was found guilty of impeding a prosecution

Murdered grandmother Patricia O'Connor's daughter has been found guilty of taking part in a "ruse" to cover up her killing.

Murderer Kieran Greene's partner Louise O'Connor (41) agreed to her own daughter Stephanie dressing up as her dead grandmother to pretend Patricia was still alive.

She did not react when she was found guilty.

Louise O'Connor is the third person to be convicted by a jury over the death of her mother (61), who Greene battered with a hurley before dismembering the body with a hacksaw and scattering her remains in the Wicklow mountains.


The Central Criminal Court jury was due to resume deliberations on a final verdict today in the case of Louise's ex-boyfriend and Stephanie's father, Keith Johnston (43).

He is accused of impeding Greene's prosecution by helping him to buy tools for use in the concealment of Patricia O'Connor's remains.

Stephanie O'Connor (22) was convicted on Wednesday of impeding the prosecution by disguising herself as her grandmother.

Greene (35) was convicted on Tuesday of murdering Patricia at her home at Mountain View Park, Rathfarnham, on May 29, 2017.

Yesterday afternoon, the court registrar asked the forewoman if the jury had reached a verdict in Louise O'Connor's case. She replied that they had and said the verdict was guilty.

Louise O'Connor, wearing a large black coat with a fur-lined hood sat with her head down as the jury filed in, but looked up at them as they took their seats.

She glanced from the jury toward the judge and back as the verdict was read out.

The jury did not reach a verdict in Mr Johnston's case yesterday and deliberations were suspended overnight.

He has already been acquitted by direction of Mr Justice Paul McDermott of a second count alleging that he refurbished the bathroom where Patricia was killed to conceal evidence.

All the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Patricia's husband Gus O'Connor (75) has pleaded guilty to falsely reporting her missing on June 1, 2017, when he knew she was dead.

The court had heard Louise told gardai her mother stormed out of the house after a row on the night of May 29.

She said she followed her out and saw her mother walk down the road, and this was the last time she saw her alive.

A neighbour's CCTV showed a woman in a hooded coat leaving the house at 9.34pm, carrying a suitcase. Louise insisted to gardai this was her mother.

The woman leaving was more "sprightly" than Patricia, who was seen earlier in a colourful dress.


Stephanie had not been seen leaving "as herself" but came in the back door at 10.05pm, carrying a suitcase and a coat over her arm.

"Me ma walked out and turned into Stephanie? That is ridiculous," Louise told gardai.

"That's not Stephanie, that's me ma."

Minutes before Stephanie walked out with the suitcase, she was twice seen in the back garden with Louise and Greene.

This, the prosecution said, was when the plot was "hatched".

Louise was an "integral part" of a charade to ensure Stephanie, in disguise, would be recorded on CCTV leaving to create the illusion that Patricia was still alive and bolster any claims that she was missing, the prosecution said.