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Dangerous driver sped past school during crime spree


Dominic Rogers (21) admitted to dangerous driving

Dominic Rogers (21) admitted to dangerous driving

Dominic Rogers (21) admitted to dangerous driving

A dangerous driver who sped through a pedestrian crossing outside a Dublin school during a crime "spree" has been jailed.

Dominic Rogers (21) was sentenced to eight months in prison with another eight months suspended after he admitted the charge, as well as sale or supply of drugs and a litany of other offences.

Rogers, of Arthur Griffith Park, Lucan, was described by his lawyer as a "polite and well-raised person". 

Judge John Cheatle did not add to a sentence Rogers is already serving, instead making the eight months concurrent. He also banned him from driving for six years.

Dublin District Court heard gardai saw the accused driving a car at Fonthill Road, Clondalkin at 12.45pm on October 15, 2018.

Gardai activated their patrol car's blue lights and siren and followed the accused, who had no licence or insurance.

Rogers sped through a pedestrian crossing outside a school, where a number people, including students, were present.


The car crossed a continuous white line and went the wrong way around a roundabout before hitting a kerb.

Rogers also admitted a series of other separate offences.

In one incident, he was a passenger in a stolen car parked in Rowlagh Gardens, Clondalkin. When gardai approached, it took off at speed. When stopped, Rogers put up aggressive resistance.

Rogers was found with three bags of heroin when gardai arrested him at Merchant's Quay on May 11 last year.

On July 25, he placed a package of brown powder in his mouth when gardai went to search him, then stamped on a package on the ground. He pushed a garda in the chest and hit her arm a number of times.

The accused was raised by his grandparents and started abusing drugs after his grandfather became terminally ill, his lawyer said. Rogers had also been in a long-term relationship which broke up.

He was not coming before the court frequently before this latest "spree" and was "as polite and well-raised a person as I have ever come across", his lawyer said.

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