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Dangerous driver 'narrowly missed double decker bus'


Darragh O’Hare was sentenced to five months in prison

Darragh O’Hare was sentenced to five months in prison

Darragh O’Hare was sentenced to five months in prison

A dangerous driver who swerved on to a footpath - narrowly missing a double decker bus - has been jailed for five months.

Darragh O'Hare (26) was lucky he didn't crash into anyone waiting at the bus stop, Dublin District Court heard.

Sentencing him to five months in prison and disqualifying him from driving for 10 years, Judge David McHugh said O'Hare's driving had put the public in danger.

The defendant, of Hamlet Square in Balbriggan, was found guilty of dangerous driving as well as possession of a stolen vehicle and driving without insurance.

Garda Brian Masterson said gardai were on patrol in Finglas at around 3.30pm on March 17, 2017, when the ANPR system indicated a stolen Caddy van.

Gda Masterson said it drove at high speed over ramps and on the wrong side of the road.

On Ratoath Road, O'Hare jammed on his brakes, trying to cause a collision with the patrol car.


He was doing speeds of more than 100kph in 50kph zones.

On Cardiffsbridge Road, he overtook a car and nearly collided with a double decker bus.

He rounded the back of the bus, on to the footpath where people were waiting at the bus stop, and over the green area on to Wellmount Road.

When O'Hare jumped from the van, his jacket got stuck in the door.

Garda Ciaran Geraghty said he recognised O'Hare and called him by name.

The defendant jumped over a fence and was arrested after a short chase on foot.

O'Hare told gardai he had bought the van for €170 and knew it was stolen.

In evidence, O'Hare denied driving the van and claimed he was feeding his horse when gardai arrested him.

O'Hare also said he did not know how to drive and that he "never drove".

The court heard he had 33 road traffic convictions.

Finding him guilty, Judge McHugh said O'Hare was "lying through his teeth under oath".

Defence lawyer Ciaran MacLoughlin said O'Hare had two children, had a difficult life and had battled with addiction.