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Danger drive on stolen bike

A BANNED driver who wove dangerously through traffic on a dual-carriageway on a stolen motorcycle has received a two-year suspended sentence -- and a 15-year driving ban.

Anthony Doody (21), of Cannon Lillis Avenue, Seville Place, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to unlawful use of a motor bike on the N11.

He had three previous convictions for traffic offences and was disqualified from driving for 30 years in 2009.

Doody was caught by gardai near Stillorgan after weaving between traffic. He could not turn off the bike because there was no key or ignition barrel, but he told gardai he had bought it off a man whose name he couldn't remember.

Brolly assault girl spared jail

A 17-YEAR-OLD girl, who beat up a youth with an umbrella when he refused to give her a cigarette, has been spared a custodial sentence.

Judge Clare Leonard said at the Dublin Children's Court that the girl had been told that if she completed a programme of voluntary community work she would not get a criminal conviction.

The victim, who was in his late teens, had been on his way home from a Chinese takeaway when the girl and a co-accused attacked him.

The girl broke an umbrella hitting the teen during the attack, in north Dublin.

Nurse helped with suicides

A former nurse has been found guilty of helping two people kill themselves after giving them advice and encouragement online.

A judge in Minnesota convicted William Melchert-Dinkel (48) of aiding the suicides after he hunted out his victims on the internet for "the thrill of the chase".

One of the victims hanged himself and the other jumped into a river.

Schizophrenic refuses tests

THE High Court has been asked to decide whether doctors can continue to administer treatment to a woman with schizophrenia against her will.

The patient is refusing the treatment as she has to be sedated for regular blood tests. But doctors at the psychiatric hospital want to carry on as she is resistant to other treatments.

The case was adjourned.