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Dad who terrified boy walks free

A PRISON worker chased who chased after a nine-year-old boy, gripped him by the throat and flung him to the ground because the child had thrown chips at his daughter has avoided jail.

Nerigus Girulis (26) flew into a rage in an over-reaction to what was described in court as the victim's "childish tomfoolery".

He was fined €300 for assault and bound to the peace for a year at Dublin District Court.

Girulis had seized the youngster by the throat, lifted him up by his lapels and only flung him back on the ground when the boy had wet himself in terror.

The court heard previously the deeply traumatised child still suffered from sleeplessness and nightmares afterward.

Girulis, of Middle Mountjoy Street, and who works for Campbell's Catering at Mountjoy Jail, pleaded guilty to assaulting the boy.

The incident happened at Ballybough Road on June 8, 2008, when Girulis was aged 24 and his daughter was a year and a half old. Garda Eoin Treacy said Girulis had been going to shops with his daughter at around 4pm on the day.

The victim and his friends were coming from a chipper and began throwing chips, some of which hit the girl.

"He chased the nine-year-old injured party down Ballybough Road, and in what can only be described as a fit of rage, he grabbed the injured party by the throat, and picked him up by the lapels of his t-shirt", Gda Treacy had said.

"At this point the injured party wet himself in fear over what had occurred. The accused threw the boy on the ground".

Girulis's barrister said the group of children had initially called him "f***ing Polish".