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Dad who stripped and pointed knife at gardai 'snapped'


Olalekan Asogba’s fear of becoming homeless ‘overtook’ him.

Olalekan Asogba’s fear of becoming homeless ‘overtook’ him.

Olalekan Asogba’s fear of becoming homeless ‘overtook’ him.

A father-of-four who stripped naked and pointed a bread knife at four gardai in a violent incident at his home has been given a three-month prison sentence.

Armed garda support and the dog unit had to be called in when Olalekan Asogba (38) "snapped" and brandished the knife during the confrontation after a domestic call.

Asogba, a carer for the elderly, had been working nights and not getting enough rest, with the fear of being put out of his home "overtaking" him, Dublin District Court heard.

Judge Paula Murphy sentenced him to six months in jail, suspending three months and setting bail terms in the event of an appeal.

Asogba, of Coldcut Park, Clondalkin, was charged with producing a large kitchen knife during the dispute. He pleaded guilty to the charge, but disputed much of the garda evidence.

Gardai were called to the house on October 27 last year and met the accused's wife.

Asogba was sitting at the bottom of the stairs and refusing to leave, saying he would be homeless if he did so and threatened to kill himself.


He became extremely angry and aggressive, banged on walls and removed his clothes. He went into the kitchen where he got a knife, then refused to drop it and pointed it at gardai, who called for armed support.

An officer withdrew his stun gun and told Asogba to drop the knife. He ran out of the back door and held it closed.

He was pursued into the back garden, where he dropped the knife but lashed out and tried to bite gardai as he was restrained and arrested.

The accused denied making any threats or pointing the knife at gardai, saying he was threatening to kill himself as he would rather die than sleep on the streets. He denied removing his clothes, saying he was already in a state of undress when gardai arrived. He also denied resisting arrest.

He alleged that gardai hit him and one called him a "f**king baby".

Defence barrister Alan Grace said Asogba's fear of becoming homeless "overtook" him.

"It seems he absolutely snapped," Mr Grace said.