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Dad who returned home drunk and abusive jailed for breaking safety order

A LITTLE boy kicked his drunken father on the shins and told him to "stop calling my mammy names", a court heard.

The child, who is seven, was watching TV when his father came home drunk and started shouting at his wife, telling her that she was "a f**king tramp".

The father, who is in his late 30s, had denied before Swords District Court a charge of breaching a safety order at the family home in north County Dublin.

A judge sentenced the man to six months in prison after he heard that it was the man's third time to breach the safety order.

The defendant's wife said she was watching TV with her son around 9pm on November 14 last when her husband came home drunk. She said he started calling her names, and said she was "a f**king tramp".

She told him to stop the name-calling and said she would call the gardai if he did not stop. At this, she said he threatened her, saying "if you ring the gardai that will be the sorriest phone call you ever make".

The woman broke down a number of times while giving evidence, saying their son kicked his father on the leg when he heard him shouting at her, saying "stop calling my mammy names". She said she is living in fear of her husband and is worried she's going to be found dead because of him.

She also said she is very upset at the example he is giving their son, and is worried he will think it's acceptable to behave in a similar way to his father.

The defendant denied calling her names, claiming she was a "liar".

Judge Patrick Brady said it was clear the defendant had verbally abused and threatened his wife.

He fined him €500 and sentenced him to six months in prison.