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Dad wanted for son's theft

A JUDGE has issued a witness summons for a father whose family gets €46,000 a year in State benefits but refuses to pay for his son's thieving.

The boy (17) has pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to trespassing and theft of €3,828 worth of copper cabling at an Eircom depot, on Santry Avenue, in north Dublin.

Judge Clare Leonard has ordered the father to pay compensation for getting his then 15-year-old son involved in theft. The summons was issued after he failed to turn up at court, the judge hearing he had some "scrap work".

Fisherman is bitten by shark

A fisherman who was badly bitten by a shark while at sea was rescued by the Mexican navy.

Sailors received a distress call from a shark-fishing boat near the Revillagigedo Islands off Mexico's Pacific coast.

One of the crew had suffered a serious bite wound on his leg and lost a dangerous amount of blood.

Sailors gave the boat's captain instructions on how to stabilise the 25-year-old man, and sent an amphibious ship and a helicopter to get him into emergency treatment.

Guard killed in prison chapel

A guard at a US state prison has been found strangled inside the prison's chapel.

Washington State Prison spokesman Chad Lewis said 34-year-old Jayme Biendl was found dead in the chapel at Monroe Correctional Complex, where she worked.

Mr Lewis said that an inmate, who had been missing during a routine count, was found in the chapel lobby and told officers he had planned to escape.

Monroe police are investigating.