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Dad-to-be's day of celebrations ended in brawl

A REVELLER who got into a street brawl with one of his own friends had drunk too much while out celebrating the news that his girlfriend was pregnant, a court heard.

James Ennis (24) was arrested after gardai found him in a headlock with his friend.

At Dublin District Court, Judge Victor Blake said he would consider giving him a community service order instead of a jail sentence.

Ennis, of Cremona Road, Ballyfermot, pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to causing a breach of the peace.

Garda Michael Fitzpatrick told the court he was called to a disturbance at O'Hogan Road, also in Ballyfermot, at 11.40pm on May 28. On arrival, gardai saw four men, two of whom had each other in a headlock.

They entered the front garden of a house, then came back out on to the street, attempting to hit one another.

Ennis was one of these men – his nose was bloody and he was highly intoxicated. Ennis was slurring his speech and attempting to get back at the other man.

He continued to shout at the man as gardai were trying to calm him. The court heard Ennis had seven previous convictions.

Judge Victor Blake remarked that it was a "poor record", but Ennis's solicitor Geraldine McKenzie said it was "not the worst, in fairness to him".

On the night, he had been out drinking with friends celebrating the good news that he was due to become a father.

On the way home, he got into a row with a friend that was "fuelled by alcohol".

Ennis had worked as a roofer but was currently unemployed.

"He is very sorry for his actions," Ms McKenzie said.

"If he is going to become a father he should be taking his girlfriend out, not going out drinking with his friends," Judge Blake said and adjourned the case for two months for a community service report.