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Dad stole from Luas machine to buy drink

A FATHER of three who tampered with a ticket vending machine and stole €10 in coins was looking for money to buy drink, a court heard.

Ian Kennedy (42) once had a job, a partner, three children and a home but he had lost it all due to his addiction to alcohol.

His lawyer, Padraig O'Donovan said the defendant has hit "rock bottom", was now living in hostels and relations with his family were strained.

Judge James McDonnell fined Kennedy €300.

The defendant, of North Circular Road, Dublin 1, admitted before Tallaght District Court to the theft on November 10 last year.

The court heard that gardai were working in the camera room of Tallaght station when they spotted a man on the CCTV footage interfering with the ticket machine at the Luas stop.


A description of the individual was radioed out to gardai, and Kennedy was arrested at Belgard Square West.

The court heard that Kennedy has 12 previous convictions, mostly for road traffic matters.

Mr O'Donovan said the defendant was trying to get money for drink.

He said Kennedy was an alcoholic who was now living in hostel accommodation. He adored his children, but relations were not good on the domestic front.

He said the defendant had come to court sober, and was fully prepared to go to jail.

Judge McDonnell accepted that Kennedy had no previous convictions for theft, and he fined him €350.