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Dad sold heroin 'to save his addict son'

A CONCERNED father was coerced into selling heroin to help pay off a substantial drug debt incurred by his only son who had been threatened with his life, a court heard.

Anthony Royal (45) said he was trying to help save his son, who had a severe heroin addiction, and whose life had been threatened by drug dealers.

The defendant admitted he had a heroin addiction in the past, but had been stabilised on methadone for years.

His solicitor, Terence Hanahoe, said the dealers knew how to get at Royal, who was caught by gardai with nearly €4,000 worth of heroin.

A judge sentenced Royal to three months in prison, suspended for one year.

The defendant, of St Anthony's Road, Rialto, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to possession of heroin for sale or supply.