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Dad roared insults as he carried toddler (3)

A DUBLIN dad who resisted being arrested for shouting abuse at gardai while his toddler was on his shoulders claimed he was not being obstructive and that his child had "attachment disorder".

The accused (26) became violent and shouted insults at officers while his three-year-old son was on his back.

He maintained he was not resisting arrest and that gardai were trying to pull the hysterical child from him.

Judge Victor Blake found him guilty and adjourned sentencing at Dublin District Court.

The defendant had denied the offence, as well as causing a breach of the peace.

Garda Joseph Aiken told the court he was conducting a random checkpoint in Ballymun at 2.30pm on September 30 last.

He stopped a car driven by the accused's girlfriend and seized it for having no road tax.

The defendant, who was a passenger in the car, became aggressive and abusive, calling the gardai "scumbags".

"At one stage, he said 'you are f***ing scumbags, I hope you are proud of yourselves. You have great jobs, you c***s,'" Garda Aiken said.

He left the area when asked, but continued to shout from a distance. There was a school nearby and a lot of children were in the area.

Then the defendant returned to the scene at 3pm and shouted more abuse, then left and returned a third time with the child on his back and continued with this behaviour.


The garda arrested the man, asking the defendant's girlfriend to remove the child from his shoulders.

The defendant maintained in evidence that he said nothing as he and his partner left the scene to get their children. They took a pram and other belongings with them.

As they passed the scene, his son asked if they could take the car and he alleged he told the boy: "We can't because that dirt bird (a female garda also at the scene) took it."

He denied being abusive but admitted he had said this.