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Dad-of-two jailed for bookies raid

A MAN who robbed a bookies -- leaving the assistant so terrified that that she has not returned to work since -- has been given a five-year sentence.

Barry Gannon, of Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, admitted robbing €700 from Ladbrokes bookmakers at Tuansgate, Tallaght, on August 28, 2008.

At Dublin Circuit Criminal Council, Judge Patrick McCartan suspended the final four years of the sentence but ordered it to run consecutively with a three-year sentence he is currently serving.

Garda Brian O'Reilly told Garnet Orange, prosecuting, that Gannon entered the premises at around 4pm wearing a balaclava and a baseball hat. His left hand covered with a Coors Light beer box.

He shouted at the assistant, Victoria Patchell, to "sit down, shut up and don't open your mouth".


The 32-year-old father-of-two then ordered Ms Patchell to give him "the money from the other till" and told her "don't make a thick out of me".

He stole €700 in cash and made his getaway in a Ford Mondeo driven by a woman with blonde hair.

Garda O'Reilly said Ms Patchwell was "left shaking, scared and terrified" and has since left her job.

Luigi Rea, defending, said Gannon had been "destroyed by drugs" and had been abusing cannabis since he was 11.

"He was addicted to pills at 14 and started injecting heroin at 15. He has a chronic drug problem and now has the desire to seek treatment," said Mr Rea.

Judge McCartan described the robbery as "a serious offence and it was not clear what he was armed with as he had his hand covered".

"The appalling consequence is that he left a women with such fear that she has left work," added Judge McCartan.