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Dad of 16 jailed for 'whirlwind of crime'

A FATHER-of-16 who embarked on a "whirlwind of crime" after he separated from his wife has been jailed for six months.

On one occasion, repeat offender Jimmy Connors (56) was caught trespassing at a house, where he was seen trying to push "a blond haired child" in through a downstairs window.

He admitted the incident, as well as motoring and other offences at Blanchardstown District Court.

Connors had been living in his car, following the marriage break-up, at the time, and was now living in a hotel on social welfare. After hearing he had 202 prior convictions, Judge David McHugh sentenced him, and banned him from driving for 15 years.

Connors, with an address at The Oaks, Newbridge, Co Kildare, pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and failing to give information at Old Begard Road, Tallaght, on August 3 last.

He admitted further charges of uninsured and unlicensed driving at Newcastle Road on July 31, public drunkenness and causing a breach of the peace at Cushlawn Way, Tallaght, on September 9.

Further charges related to a breach of the peace at Cookstown Road, Tallaght, on November 3 and trespass at The Rise, Belgard Heights, on September 1.

In the November 3 episode, he was arrested when he hurled drunken abuse at gardai who were trying to deal with another incident.


On September 9, gardai were called when he was drunk on the street at 6.20pm. He again verbally abused them and was arrested.

The traffic accident happened at The Square, Tallaght, when Connors' vehicle collided with another car, causing damage. He failed to remain at the scene to exchange details with the other driver.

His previous convictions included 19 for uninsured driving. He had previously been put off the road for 25 years.

The offences happened when he was of no fixed address and living in his car after separating from his wife, his barrister Jennifer Jackson said.

"He went on a whirlwind of crime and binge drinking", Ms Jackson said. "He was in self destruct mode for want of a better word."