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Dad 'nearly beat baby to pulp' in row

A Dublin man was accused of nearly beating his two-month-old baby "into a pulp" by a District Court Judge.

The 26-year-old man also kicked his girlfriend six times during the incident at their home in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal.

The father had been remanded in custody for six days from Ballyshannon court and reappeared at Sligo court before Judge Kevin Kilrane.

Judge Kilrane recalled earlier evidence that the man had briefly held his son in the row.

He said the accused was more concerned during his first court appearance with his girlfriend and her father creating difficulties for him seeing his baby -- the son "that you nearly beat into a pulp".

The father told the court "it was a horrible thing to do". He admitted that "the last week in custody was horrible".

Judge Kilrane released him from custody and remanded him on bail for a probation report to Ballyshannon court on April 15 next.

He said that the accused, who admitted assault causing harm, could be ordered to do 200 hours community service in lieu of a four-month jail sentence.

His girlfriend ended their relationship after the assault. She told the court that at one stage her boyfriend was standing at the top of the stairs with their baby son in his arms.

"I was trying to take the baby off him."

She added that since the attack she could not hold their son properly for several weeks afterwards because of the manner in which the accused had thrown her across the room.