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Dad must pay up or go to jail

A FATHER, who brought his teenage son "thieving", will be jailed unless he pays a compensation bill of almost €3,000, a judge has held.

The man, whose family was getting €46,000 a year from State benefits, was told that he must come up with the money by September 5 next, or he will go to prison.

His son (17) has pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to trespassing and theft of €3,828 worth of copper cabling at an Eircom depot, on Santry Avenue, in north Dublin, on June 18, 2008.

Judge Clare Leonard noted that the man, who is in his forties, had been fined €500 in the district court for his role in the theft and had already paid up €900.

Hermione tops dream date poll

The character of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books is the most popular fictional dream date for teenage readers, according to a survey to mark World Book Day today .

Almost a quarter of the teenagers surveyed (23pc) nominated her character, played by Emma Watson in the films, ahead of Jacob Black (14.1pc) and Edward Cullen (9.9pc) from the Twilight books.

One in ten adults polled said their favourite book when they were a teenager was The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole.