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Dad flung boy (9) in fit of rage

A PRISON worker chased a nine-year-old boy and gripped him by the throat in a terrifying attack -- because the child had thrown chips at his daughter and made her cry.

Nerigus Girulis (26) flew into a rage in an over-reaction to what was described in court as the victim's "childish tomfoolery".

Girulis, right, seized the frightened youngster by the throat, lifted him up by his lapels and only flung him back on the ground when the boy had wet himself in terror.

Dublin District Court heard the deeply traumatised child still suffered nightmares.

Girulis (24), of Middle Mountjoy Street, who works for Campbell's Catering at Mountjoy Jail, admitted assaulting the boy at Ballybough Road on June 8, 2008. The case was adjourned for a probation report.