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Dad 'flipped' when quizzed outside school by gardai

A FATHER-of-three who "flipped out" when gardai spoke to him outside his children's school has claimed he was embarrassed to be seen with the officers as other parents would be wondering why he was talking to them.

Patrick Lee (33) claimed his behaviour was due to the "stressful school run" with his children, and also said it was a "morning thing".

A garda witness said Lee completely "lost the head" with them, and called gardai "wasters, w**kers, and p***ks".

A judge sentenced the defendant to two months in prison but suspended it for two years.

Lee, of Bernard Curtis House, Bluebell, Dublin, admitted before Dublin District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour.

The incident took place outside a primary school on Bluebell Road on November 20 last year.

Garda James Matthews said gardai were on mobile patrol around 9am when they saw a vehicle driving in an erratic manner as it exited Curtis House.

He said he followed the car, which stopped outside the school on Bluebell Road.

The garda said Lee, and two children, got out of the car, and went into the school.

Garda Matthews said he asked Lee for his driving licence, and at this point he "flipped out" and started verbally abusing him.

The garda said Lee told him "I have my driving licence, what are you going to do about it", and then hurled a torrent of abuse at him.

Defence lawyer said Lee did not believe his driving was erratic.