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Dad attacked receptionist after son (4) denied entry into pool


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A gym member "flipped" and attacked a receptionist when he was told he was not allowed bring his child for a late swim.

Arifur Rahman (36) twisted the woman's arm behind her back and flung her to the ground when she followed him after he went through the security gate with his child.

The assault happened after he disputed club rules over swimming times for children.

His four-year-old son became "inconsolable" as Rahman shouted abuse.

Ms Murray said she was supervising at Liffey Valley Fitness at 6.40pm on December 5, 2014, when Rahman and his family came in. She told him: "sorry, children have to be out of the pool at 6.30pm."

He told her he was not sure that was right and he wanted to bring his children in.

The second time she refused, he "started to get a little bit agitated".


Rahman then said he wanted to speak to her manager and "held his hand over her face".

He and his son went through the security gate and towards the pool, she said.

She went after him and asked him to return to reception.

"He said no, I am bringing my child into the pool and that is it," she said.

Ms Murray put her hand up to "herd" him in the direction of reception but made no contact.

"He grabbed my right hand, twisted my arm behind my back and chucked me out the doorway," she said. "I skidded on the floor and landed on my shoulder on the ground."

"The more I told him he couldn't bring his children in, the more I got screamed at," manager Val Cross also told Dublin District Court.

The defendant, of Castlegate Downs, Adamstown, had denied assaulting Dawn Murray and threatening behaviour.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell convicted the father of three and fined him €750.