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Dad and three sons cleared of acid attack

A father and his three sons have been cleared of an attack on a Bray man and his sister with pickaxe handles, pitch forks, golf clubs and acid.

The four, who live at the same address in Old Court Park in Bray, were charged in relation to incidents on August 20, 2006.

Patrick Moorehouse snr was charged with producing a pick-axe handle at or near Old Court estate and with threatening to kill or seriously harm Joseph Moorehouse.

He was also charged with violent disorder and production of articles capable of causing serious harm at or near Heatherwood in Bray on the same date.

Patrick Moorehouse jnr was similarly charged and also charged with causing criminal damage to the front door of Joan Moorehouse's home and assaulting Mary Moorehouse, causing her harm, at or near Heatherwood.


Myles and Sidney Moorehouse were charged with possession of a pickaxe handle at or near the Old Court estate and with violent disorder at or near Heatherwood.

Last week the court heard evidence from Joseph Moorehouse, of Heatherwood, that he had allegedly been attacked twice in the same day by the four accused.

Joseph's sister Mary said Patrick Moorehouse jnr had thrown acid on her as she had stood in the front garden of her house. All four accused denied they had been at Heatherwood on that night and the court heard evidence of how Sidney Moorehouse was on the way to the airport at that time for a holiday in Ibiza.

Patrick Moorehouse jnr admitted that he had assaulted Joseph Moorehouse at Old Court estate that morning with his fists because Joseph had tried to sell cocaine to his younger brother, but he denied weapons had been used in the attack. Judge Tony Hunt directed the jury to find Sidney Moorehouse not guilty in respected of the two charges facing him and also directed them to find Patrick snr not guilty of threatening to kill or cause serious harm to Joseph Moorehouse.

The jury of nine men and three women found Patrick snr, Patrick jnr and Myles Moorehouse not guilty on all charges after deliberating for two hours and eight minutes.