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Dad (26) shot by drugs gang

A father who was shot by Dublin criminals because he refused to store their drugs in his home has been given a two-year suspended sentence for possessing heroin.

The court heard James Egan (26) was "preyed upon" by criminals and was shot in the leg and stomach because he "stood up" to them.

Egan, of Belcamp Crescent, Priorswood pleaded guilty to possessing a knife and €2,140 of heroin at Darndale Belcamp Village Centre on June 10, 2008 and possessing heroin worth €2,186 in the Darndale area on October 10, 2008.

The judge handed down a two-year concurrent sentence but suspended it for a period of two years.

DSK sex case is postponed

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's next court date in his New York sexual assault case was postponed, with prosecutors saying the delay was for further investigation and defence lawyers saying they hoped it would lead to the end of the case.

Previously set for July 18, the date is now scheduled for August 1, as prosecutors weigh up what to do about questions over the accuser's credibility.