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Cyclist fled gardai 'in extreme fear for his life' due to feud


Rhys Moran pleaded guilty to garda obstruction

Rhys Moran pleaded guilty to garda obstruction

Rhys Moran pleaded guilty to garda obstruction

A man who fled on a bicycle from gardai did not realise who they were and was in "extreme fear" for his life because of a previous feud, a court heard.

Rhys Moran (24) had his face covered and wore sunglasses to hide his identity as he pedalled away from officers who suspected the bike was stolen.

He accepted he obstructed the gardai because he "got a fright", but insisted the bike was borrowed from a friend.

Moran, of Faussagh Road, Cabra, pleaded guilty to garda obstruction but not guilty to possession of a stolen bicycle.

Judge Grainne Malone dismissed the stolen bike charge "on technical grounds" and jailed Moran for four months for obstruction.

Garda Aisling Daly told Dublin District Court she was with other officers in an unmarked car at Queen Street, Smithfield, last September 5 when their attention was drawn to Moran by a member of the public saying "Stop, stop".

He was cycling while wearing a jacket zipped up over his face and with sunglasses, "trying to hide his identity", she said.


He "took off at speed" through Smithfield Square and gardai chased him.

Moran discarded the bike, jumped a wall to a balcony and, when they caught up with him, he was outside his grandmother's apartment, "sweating and out of breath", with the clothes he had been wearing discarded on the ground.

He gave contradictory explanations for the bike. First, he said he was not on it, then he said he had borrowed it from a friend.

Gardai were not able to find an owner.

Moran had to sign on at a garda station under bail conditions for a robbery charge.

He said he borrowed a friend's bike and, on his way back, he noticed a gold Avensis with black tinted windows.

The people in it were "all staring in my direction", he said.

It did not look like a garda car and it followed him "aggressively", he said.

"I immediately dropped the bike in a panic, I was extremely in fear for my life," he said.

When the garda came over to the balcony, he was "relieved to see it was the police", he said.