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Customs man jailed for disturbing 'rape' texts sent to his woman boss

A MAN employed with the Revenue Service has been sentenced to three years for sending disturbing text messages to his female supervisor in which he threatened to rape women.

Derek Leggett (52) sent the woman 17 text messages saying such things as "kill kill kill kill kill" and "I'm raping my next victim now."

The court heard he had a grievance with his employers as he had requested a transfer which he was not granted.

Leggett, of Tara Lawns, Ashbourne, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to the harassment of his victim between January 25 and March 3, 2010.

Judge Martin Nolan said it had been a very stressful incident for Leggett's victim but accepted that he had expressed his remorse.

He backdated the sentence to when Leggett first went into custody in March 2010 and suspended the balance on condition that Leggett keep the peace and be of good behaviour for two years upon his release.

He also ordered that he was not to contact the woman or go near her or her place of work.

Garda Triona Harrison told prosecuting counsel Tara Burns that Leggett worked as a clerical officer in the Customs and Excise Department in Dublin Airport and that his victim was his supervisor.


In late January he sent a text to her official work phone stating: "I am not well." He sent a similar message a few days later before sending a further message stating: "kill kill kill kill kill."

When the woman rang the number back she got a voicemail greeting on which she recognised Leggett's voice. She informed her supervisor and a meeting was set up between the parties.

At the meeting Leggett handed her a greeting card in which he had written that he was "extremely sorry." He was also asked by his employers to attend his GP. When the victim contacted him to see how the doctor's visit had gone, she received a reply by text saying: "Rape rape rape rape rape."

Other messages read: "If not you, then who?" and "not convicted, but I know my crimes."

Another text read: "Call the cops before I rape my next victim" while another stated: "I'm raping my next victim now."

His final text read: "Why did you not call the police? Hope you are having a good day."

Ms Burns said the victim felt under threat at the time and felt an enormous amount of responsibility resulting from Leggett's claims that he was raping women.

Ms Burns said the woman was "gravely concerned" about his release. and wants no further contact from him.

Defence counsel Cathleen Noctor said Leggett had a lengthy a history of mental health and alcohol problems. She added he was applying for early retirement.