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Coward who hit Good Samaritan woman

A TEENAGER repeatedly hit a woman in the face leaving her with a black eye when she tried to stop him from attacking a young boy.

Michael Keegan (18) landed on top of the victim when she pushed him away from a 14-year-old boy following a doorstep assault.

He also left the boy with bruising to the side of the face after he punched him in the head.

The defendant, of Fortunestown Close in Tallaght, had admitted before Tallaght District Court to two counts of assault. The incident took place on May 21, 2010, shortly before the defendant turned 17.

The matter was before Judge Brian Sheridan for sentencing after the defendant was ordered to pay €500 compensation to the victims.

Defence solicitor Kevin Tunney said Keegan had paid the money to the victims.

Judge Sheridan sentenced the defendant to two months in prison but suspended it for one year.

The court had heard the female victim was in her mother's house when she heard a commotion outside. It was claimed Keegan was trying to get into a neighbour's house and at a young boy who was inside. The victim said she saw Keegan hit the boy in the face, and she got in between them.

The court heard she and the defendant slipped and he landed on top of her on the ground and punched her in the face.

The boy said Keegan hit him across the head, leaving him with a bump on his head.

Mr Tunney had claimed the female victim had slagged off Keegan, calling him "stupid" and a "f***ing eejit" but she had denied making any hurtful remarks.

The solicitor told the court that Keegan has not been in trouble since this incident.