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Cousins caused €1k damage to vans in attempted break-ins


Michael Gavin, John Gavin and Terence Mongan

Michael Gavin, John Gavin and Terence Mongan

Michael Gavin, John Gavin and Terence Mongan

Three cousins who caused €1,000 worth of damage to vans they tried to break into in an apartment complex were caught by gardai as they left the scene.

Michael Gavin (19), John Gavin (20) and Terence Mongan (19) left the vans with holes punched in the doors after trying to force them open with screwdrivers.

Dublin District Court heard each man was recently married.

The Gavins, both of Moyne Park, Moyne Road, Baldoyle, along with Mongan, of The Courtyard, Twin Oaks, Bailie- boro, Co Cavan, pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Judge Kathryn Hutton gave John Gavin a three-month suspended sentence, put Mongan on a one-year probation bond and dismissed Michael Gavin's case under the Probation Act.


The court heard the incident happened at Burnell Apartments in Clarehall last January 11. Gardai responded to a call from security that three men were trying to gain entry to two locked vans.

On their way, gardai stopped a vehicle in which the three accused were passengers.

CCTV footage showed them damaging the rear doors of the vans.

Michael Gavin had no previous convictions.

He had worked buying and selling cars with his father but was not working at the moment, his solicitor Steph O'Meara said. He had got married in January.

John Gavin had six prior convictions, was married in November and had a young child.

Mongan had one previous conviction, was married in November and his wife was expecting their first child.

The accused men had made a "foolish decision which they regret", Ms O'Meara added.